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My entry for the GBJAM 7, in 2019. This game is mainly oriented for speedruns.

PLAGUE is heavily inspired on Gargoyle's Quest for the original Gameboy. It's a platformer where you can control a plague doctor, throwing explosive potions and dashing mid-air.

Known issues:
if you start a dash exactly 1 pixel away from a platform the dashbar can't tell if you're dashing or jumping and you get in a limitless dash. The best way to revert this is to return to the original platform where you dashed.
Originally it was intended for the player to have more than 1 hitpoint but the state machine was not robust enough to get that working with other mechanics, but the levels are short enough to play again when you die.


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Enjoyed every minute! Any chance of this game becoming an actual Game Boy rom? Would be perfect on my SNES Classic. :)


This looks like a better Plague of Shadows. I will almost certainly be singing this game's praises! I'll be back when I finish it to give my thoughts!

I appreciate the enthusiasm and kind words. Just remember this is a jam game!
I do intend to expand on the idea, but I'm still focusing on a small scope so I can develop it fast enough.

Again, thanks!


I absolute love this game! ive had alot of fun speedrunning it. i hope to see more stuff added in the future.

Thank you! I'm planning to bring it to a different engine and expand it and add more levels!

Unfortunately I don't know when I'll manage to start it, maybe next month!


Not too hard but not too easy, wish it could have more levels but still a pretty cool game!

Hey! Thanks for playing it (:

It was designed short for the gamejam I used it as an entry, but people seem to be expecting more regardless. I'm considering on expanding and upgrading the project in the next few months! Not only a few more levels, but some more variety in the gameplay as well.